I graduated from college with a degree that focused on various art and business courses. I started out working full-time for a company doing graphic design work, and then started my photography on the side. I have since been blessed with twins, so I no longer do graphic design and I'm focusing solely on my photography business, that way I have more time to spend with my little angels. :) I had known there was a special place in my heart for photography during my very first photography course, working with black and white film. My how the times have changed since then! But I still have a deep love for black and white photography. So if you love black and white photos, we will be great friends! 

Anyway, after that first course, the world of photography became my happy place. When I wasn't at work, I was probably doing something with photography or reading a book. After doing a few photo shoots for family and friends, I realized that the joy and happiness I felt while looking through my viewfinder, was passed onto them after seeing their memories preserved in the photos. I was delighted to see my work create such pleasure. So here I am, ready to capture priceless memories for you!