Ellicott City Newborn Photography - Baby Annaleigh Harper

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Oh my, my, my ... dear little Annaleigh. (Gorgeous name!) This little sweetheart just craved attention. Her mother informed me when I arrived, that we might have a teensy problem trying to photograph Annaleigh. "She doesn't like to be put down," she said. Sure enough, mom was right. We would rock her to sleep, but almost as soon as we set her down, she would "ask" to be picked up again. It was actually quite endearing, to see a little baby who only wanted to be cuddled. She was happiest when held with her belly against one's chest, like giving little baby hugs. So cute! :) I recommended they invest in one of those baby wraps, for sure! Anyway, the trick was to take photos near the fireplace. It was much more comforting than a space heater. Also, Annaleigh seemed to be mesmerized when looking at her big sister, Charlotte. And Charlotte was such a trooper, despite being sick, bless her little heart. The sisters, and the whole family, were just so precious together. 


Baby Annaleigh Harper in a vintage frame with damask background Getting a kiss from her big sister Sisters lying next to each other with matching, pink headbands Sharing a yawn with her big sister Story time with Daddy Story time with Mommy and Daddy Taking a peek at Mommy breastfeeding her baby girl Mommy and Daddy sneak a kiss Close up of baby Annaleigh's cute face   Sleeping in Mommy's arms Lying in a basket with a big yawn


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