Hello, I'm Heather! :) I'm an on-location lifestyle photographer based in Maryland. That means I do not have a studio, and I travel to your home or beautiful locations of your choice for our photo sessions. I enjoy capturing lifestyle moments that tell a story, with mostly candid photos and genuine emotion. My style is bright and airy with natural sunlight, and is inspired by fine art film photography. I fell in love with the look of film during my very first photography class, working with black and white film. Times sure have changed since then, but I still have a deep love for black and white photography. So if you love black and white photos, we will be great friends!

Let's see, what else? I love reading, drinking tea, and pretty much anything vintage. If you style our session with vintage items, like suspenders perhaps, I will be on cloud nine! I'm also a wife, and mother to a fur baby and twin toddlers. I value family time very much, and therefore can only take calls when my husband is home to watch our littles, until they start school in a year or two. So if you'd love to chat on the phone one evening, or set up a meeting over coffee, send me a quick email and we'll set something up! I can't wait to meet you, and capture great memories for your family!