Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Bryce

My first blog post, woo-hoo! I have to say that baby Bryce was super easy to work with and made the photo shoot a breeze...except for the very end. He got a little fussy and it took probably 30 min. at least to rock him back to sleep for the arm-hanging-over-the-bucket pose. He's sooo cute though, so it was worth the wait! :)


Baby Bryce and family

Baby Bryce - close up of lips in black & white

Baby Bryce - close up of face

Baby Bryce's feet, with Mommy & Daddy's wedding rings on his toes

Baby Bryce in mint green

Baby Bryce being fed by Daddy

Baby Bryce - close up of eyelashes

Baby Bryce - Orioles pride

Baby Bryce - sleeping in a bucket surrounded by toy cars


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