Baltimore NICU Photography - 2016 Kangaroo-a-Thon

Here's some more NICU love! I can never get enough of these cute, miracle babies. I took photos for the Kangaroo-a-Thon this year, which is an annual NICU event at Franklin Square Medical Center, sponsored by the March of Dimes, to help NICU parents learn the importance of kangaroo care with their delicate babies. I can tell one of these little ones is going to be a handful already, because his Mommy and Daddy named him Abel. That's right Sons of Anarchy fans. And he'll get to grow up with a playmate named Jax. Look out world, here comes trouble! There was also another set of twins there this time. Two sweet baby girls. I always think babies can't get much cuter, until I see the next one. I really just can't get enough. :) Anyway, this was also my first time taking photos in the new NICU with the private rooms for each family. It is so nice there, and quite frankly, I'm a bit jealous! I'm already looking forward to my next visit!




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