Heather Siverd Photography | Howard County Newborn Photography - Baby Julia Hope

Howard County Newborn Photography - Baby Julia Hope

January 05, 2017  •  2 Comments

Baby Julia has arrived! And look at all of that hair!!! It's so pretty and fluffy, I wish my Rosie had that much hair! It had a mind of its own too. We tried to tame it with cute headbands, and even tried wetting some of it at one point, but it just wanted to do its own thing. That's okay. It just bumped her up higher on the cuteness scale. :) I really liked this nursery theme too, with the cute woodland animals and bright turquoise walls.

I'm so very happy for Stephanie's family and the arrival of their precious, little Julia Hope. With two big sisters already so eager to help care for her, I can tell these three girls are going to be best friends!



Cathy Davis(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a most beautiful family!! Julia Hope is as precious as her sisters... love and God's blessings!
Glenn Naff(non-registered)
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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