Baltimore NICU Photography - Santa!

​The photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus visiting the NICU are here, the most wonderful time of the year! Although, it probably doesn’t seem like the most wonderful time of the year to some of these families. Some of these babies will be home for Christmas, while others may have to spend a couple more months in the NICU. Having a baby, or babies, in the NICU at any time is difficult, especially during the holidays. For these families, Santa’s visit brings joy and allows them to celebrate their baby’s first Christmas with the jolly man in the red suit, something that may otherwise not be possible. Santa brought tins with delicious caramel popcorn for the families this year. We also had little present costumes for the babies, making them the cutest little Christmas presents I have ever seen. :)

For a special treat, we had a sweet NICU family return from last year. Santa’s visit this year was just one day short of a year ago, when Mom got to hold her baby boy for the very first time, in Santa’s presence. He is now one and totally adorable! I, of course, had my husband bring our own little NICU graduates again, and they had reactions completely different from last year. Rosie, who flirted up a storm with Santa last year, wanted nothing to do with him. While Aedan, who sobbed uncontrollably last year, was best buds with Santa. 

​I hope you keep all of these sweet angels and their families in your thoughts this Christmas. Again, special thanks goes to Traffic Jam Jimmy and Fox 45 News, the March of Dimes, and the amazing NICU staff and volunteers for making this festive event possible. 



Heather Siverd Photography
Thank you very much, Santa! I love being able to give back to the NICU. Merry Christmas to you both and your families! I am looking forward to next year, and hopefully Rosie and Aedan will both like you again! :)
Thank you so much Heather
Merry Christmas to you & your family
Your photos are so heart warming & beautiful.
p.s. My wife & I are enjoying seeing your little ones grow.
Who will like me next year, is the question?
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