Baltimore NICU Photography - Tiny Valentines ♥

Happy Valentine's Day!! :) Let me start by saying, I love all of my newborn sessions. I love being able to touch the babies, hold them, and make them look perfect. All of them are special and unique in their own way. But these NICU sessions are so special in a totally different way, and they pull at my heart strings every single time. Most of these tiny babies shouldn't even be here yet, and each one has an incredible story. Some may only have to stay for a few days, while others may need to stay for a few months. Every baby is a miracle, but these babies are extra special miracles. Most of them wouldn't be here if it weren't for the amazing nurses and doctors who care for them around the clock. They've been given a second chance, and these families know it. That makes these photos very genuine. It's breathtaking for me to look at some of these photos, and know that they weren't posed. When these families invite me into their private rooms, I'm capturing so much love, so much emotion, on a much larger scale than a typical newborn session. Most of the parents for my newborn sessions smile and are completely elated while holding their baby in the comfort of their home. On the other hand, the parents for these NICU sessions, they smile too . . . and they cry. I feel a lot of love, sadness, anxiety and heartache. When I photograph a parent holding their NICU baby, it may be for the one time a day that they're allowed. Or, it may be for the first time, since their baby was born the week before. Or some of the babies may be so fragile, that the parents can't even hold them. It pains these families to see their child, their precious little baby, come into this world and already have to struggle so much and battle for their life. So, for a holiday that's devoted to love, the photos below have an overabundance of it. ♥



Heather Siverd Photography
Thank you, Stacey!! :)
Heather!!!! These are so pretty! I really love your pictures so much
Heather Siverd Photography
Thanks so much, Angie! I'm so happy that I can give back with something that will last a lifetime for these families. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! ♥
Angie Kriner(non-registered)
Heather, these pictures are breathtaking. So glad that you are called to give back to these NICU warriors. Happy Love Day
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