Heather Siverd Photography | Harford County Newborn Photography - Baby Abigail Aileen

Harford County Newborn Photography - Baby Abigail Aileen

January 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This session was very entertaining. I probably spent half the time laughing! Little Abigail Aileen was almost a month old for this lifestyle session, but still a pretty sleepy baby. She was asleep when I arrived, and we managed to keep her asleep for one totally adorable setup. She definitely did not like being curled up anymore, and she fought me every time I tried to wrap her. She always found a way to kick her feet out, and get one little hand up on her cheek, which made for some super cute photos. She was even super cute when she gave me the stink eye. And I can't forget to mention that sweet little belly button! :) Most babies still have their umbilical cord for my sessions, so this was a treat. We managed to capture a few baby smiles as well. Abigail's older sister had a blast running around and being silly, while we were silly in return, trying to tickle her and make photo taking fun. She did enjoy tickling baby Abigail's toes, and giving her a few kisses. Then there were Abigail's two older, four-legged brothers. They were very endearing and followed us everywhere, but were really camera shy. When we finally managed to get the whole family up on the bed together, the fur babies didn't seem too thrilled. What do you think? Do they look bored to you? 



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