Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Michael Robert

Little Michael Robert was two weeks old and wide awake for our session. My goodness, did he give me some looks! Some definite stink eye, full of total cuteness. I think he really wanted me to just go away and leave him alone, or he was wondering what the heck my camera was. To add to the adorableness, he was wearing a dinosaur outfit. Everyone loves dinos, right? And big brother was wearing cool dino socks! But being a two-year-old, he didn't really want to cooperate for photos. Parents, this is normal! Play around with them, have some fun, and tickle them like crazy (as we did here). Mom and Dad also bribed him with M&M's. :) It's okay to be silly and bribe your children every once in a while. It makes for much better photos, and a lot less stress.  




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