Catoctin Mountain Park Maternity Photography - Christina & DJ

Yay, more of my friends are going to be parents!! These two are very adventurous and enjoy the outdoors. So of course, hiking almost two miles for a hot cocoa picnic is what they wanted. I’ll be honest, I don’t exercise. So I was a little winded during the hike up to Chimney Rock, but it was completely worth it. We all took our time, for Christina (and me!), but all of us also managed to trip a few times. DJ and I placed ourselves in front and behind Christina in case we needed to catch her, but we were the ones who tripped more, haha! I’m pretty sure DJ almost took me down one time, although he says he didn’t. But the best part of our session, I think, was DJ getting upset when Christina splashed hot cocoa on him, each time she dropped a marshmallow into her mug. Haha, that was a huge laugh! :) And I'm sure you can see the rain clouds rolling in. We made the hike back just in time. It literally started raining two minutes after we got in our cars! Anyway, we had tons of fun and really enjoyed this session, and that's what these two deserved. Prior to this pregnancy, they suffered through a very traumatic miscarriage at about 14 weeks. So I am completely over-the-moon happy for these two, and I cannot wait to meet their little man in a couple weeks! ♥




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