Baltimore NICU Photography - Little Valentines ♥

Here are the little Valentines from my NICU session! We had heart decorations to use for this session, with a bunch of cute sayings on them. Most of the babies this time were pretty big and close to going home. One lucky love muffin was going home the same day! I always love seeing the NICU babies, and seeing them so big and doing well makes my heart happy. Especially the ones who I have taken photos of before, when they were teeny tiny, and I get to see them again so big and chunky. A couple of these babies were here when Santa came to visit, and seeing them now and how much they have grown is amazing and such a blessing. I have to also mention what a privilege it is when I see parents doing skin-to-skin with their babies. It's so important and crucial to help the babies thrive, to help with Mom's milk production, to help with bonding, etc. So it's a real privilege to be able to document it and capture the special moment for the families. There was definitely lots of joy and love in the air as I was walking around the NICU. It was lovely for celebrating Baby's first Valentine's Day. ♥ 

Thanks so much to the March of Dimes, the incredible NICU staff, and volunteers for helping with this photo session. :)



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