Baltimore NICU Photography - Father's Day 2018

Here are all the NICU miracles from my Father’s Day session! They are such strong little fighters! I always giggle a little whenever I see a baby trying to pull off his or her nasal cannula, because my own son was constantly guilty of this. I enjoyed switching from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day this year. I’ve mentioned before how I love showcasing sweet daddy moments. We are all so used to seeing mommas with their babies, but it’s important to me to capture the daddies as well. Daddies are full of love for their little bundles of joy too, and offer lots of support to make a strong parenting team. So it’s important to also give them recognition, especially in traumatic and difficult situations, like being in a NICU. My husband was my rock during our NICU stay, and he still is, so I see you Dads. And I hope you all had a very lovely Father’s Day. :) 

As always, special thanks goes to the March of Dimes and incredible NICU staff for helping with this photo session. 



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