Fell's Point Photography - Freya & Steve's Family

This early morning session was a hot one! It was our first extreme heat code red of the year, and I was already sweating by 7:30 a.m. But the heat actually wasn't that bad in the shadows, with the breeze by the water. We had a good time walking around Fell's Point, with the fun cobblestone roads and cute shops. Although, looking for ants was definitely more interesting to the young explorer in our group. For some added excitement, I almost got bit by a small dog that was tied up on the sidewalk. Its owner had stepped into a local shop, and the dog just lunged at me as we were walking by. The poor thing was probably miserable and scared. Thankfully, I was leading the way and the children nor anyone else got hurt. We passed the dog again later, walking with its owner, and it seemed perfectly fine. Anyway, the little ones were troopers throughout the whole session, so we popped inside a local store and finished our session with yummy frozen treats! When we were about to head our separate ways, I ended up having a pretty intense conversation with a little mister, about whether the animal in the window was a cow or a duck. I still say it was a duck. :)



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