Anne Arundel County Newborn Photographer - Baby Brody Evan

This tiny little man surprised us all, being born about a month before his due date. But Mr. Brody Evan is perfect and healthy! He just was too anxious to meet his family and couldn't wait any longer. And Mom and Dad are so in love with their little Brody Bear. They like to boop his nose, and it was precious when he started smiling while they were doing it. :) Brody's fur sister, Penny, seems to be adjusting pretty well. She liked being included in the photos, or else just wanted to stay by Mom's side the whole time, haha. I think my favorite part of this session, was when Baby Brody was getting a little fussy towards the end. Mom placed him on her chest, and he was instantly soothed at the sound of her heartbeat. ♥



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