Baltimore NICU Photography - Tiny Valentines 2019 ♥

Lots of love was in the air for these NICU valentine photos! Honestly, there wasn’t any more love than my other NICU sessions. That’s because every day in a NICU is filled with an abundance of love, along with many other emotions. 

What I did see a lot more of, was moms wanting photos doing skin-to-skin, which made my heart so happy. Skin-to-skin is incredibly beneficial, to both the baby and mom. And it’s not just for the NICU. Moms, if you’re having a little difficulty with your milk supply, try doing some skin-to-skin. :)

And how about the dad with the pink stethoscope prop, huh? Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

As always, special thanks goes to the March of Dimes and wonderful hospital staff. Thank you so much for coordinating and assisting with these photos.

I wish these sweet families and everyone, a very loving Valentine’s Day! ♥



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