Baltimore NICU Photography - Mother's Day 2019

My second donation session at the NICU this year was for Mother’s Day, since we did Father’s Day last year. As always, my heart was filled with love for these sweet babies. 

Every NICU session I do, takes me back to when our own babies were in the NICU. Memories flood back when I step into the rooms. All of the sounds, smells, and of course, the tiny babies, are instant reminders.

You might think that this would make me want to stay away from the NICU. But instead, I like being able to talk with these families and share some of our own experience. I feel joy for these families when they get to hold their babies. And I tear up at least once during each of these sessions. So I guess you can say that these sessions have actually been helping me heal.

I definitely teared up for the photo of the little guy, wearing the blue, “Mommy’s First Mother’s Day,” bodysuit. Because he was like that the WHOLE time I was in their room. He was totally entranced, listening to the sound of his mommy’s soothing voice. That is the face of pure love right there. ♥

I also want to point out the “wombmates,” and how they each have their hand positioned over their face. They both seemed to find comfort in having their hands there. I have several photos of my own two twinning, sleeping in the same positions as one another. It’s amazing to watch twins start out with similar mannerisms, then grow into two very different individuals. 

There is so much love in these photos. Aside from all the machines, tubes, and wires, there is just a baby who wants to snuggle. And on Mother's Day, nothing is better than snuggles.

Special thanks goes to the March of Dimes and wonderful hospital staff. Thank you so much for coordinating and assisting with these photos!!




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