Best Newborn Photographers in Baltimore - 2020

2020 best Baltimore Maryland newborn photographer chosen by Expertise.comBest Baltimore Newborn Photographer lists Heather Siverd Photography as one Baltimore's best newborn photographers for 2020.


Wow, I am incredibly honored and thankful to yet again be listed as one of Baltimore’s best newborn photographers!! 😊Out of 233 photographers who were reviewed, I was chosen as one of the top 15 this year.

I am unbelievably blessed to have so many wonderful clients who put me on this list. I meet more and more beautiful people each year, and it is such a pleasure. 

Special thanks also goes to my dear husband. He is always by my side and has helped push me and grow this wonderful business of mine. And thank you to the family who comes to my rescue and babysits when this stay-at-home mom can't do it all. ♥

It has taken A LOT of dedication over the years, with some almost sleepless nights where I have fallen asleep, facedown on my desk (true story!). But I look at how far I have come, and it makes it all worthwhile. 

2019 was definitely the most difficult for parenting twins and running a business, but we made it through. And with my littles starting kindergarten this year 😭, I have a feeling that 2020 will bring even more growth for my business, and also a lot of tears for me.  

So, I am extremely honored and thankful to be seen in the world and have my dedication recognized by being featured on this list. Thank you!!!!!


Best Newborn Photographers in Baltimore

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