Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Madelyn James

The cutest little pumpkin in the patch, but definitely a handful! Madelyn is just so adorable and had so much hair! Very unruly hair, I might add. No matter how many times I tried to smooth it out, it just wanted to stick straight up. But I actually thought her little mohawk was super cute. Oh, and Madelyn was feisty. She DID NOT like to be without clothes. She gave me the stink eye quite a few times, which provided us with lots of laughter. Even though I know she couldn't really see me, it seemed like she just stared me down with those big blue eyes, until I wrapped her back up in something warm. I really enjoyed my day with little Madelyn and her family. Seeing so much love from her big sisters and parents just melted my heart. :)


Baby Madelyn James-1 Baby Madelyn James-2 Baby Madelyn James-3 Baby Madelyn James-4 Baby Madelyn James-5 Baby Madelyn James-6 Baby Madelyn James-7 Baby Madelyn James-8 Baby Madelyn James-9 Baby Madelyn James-10 Baby Madelyn James-11 Baby Madelyn James-12 Baby Madelyn James-13



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