Aberdeen Newborn Photography - Baby Ani Evelyn

Little Ani, or big Ani I should say, was almost 10 lbs. when she was born! I think that makes her the largest newborn I have photographed so far. She had the cutest baby rolls, and just look at that head of hair! I thought Madelyn from last month had a lot of hair, but with Ani, I don't think I have ever seen so much hair on a newborn before. I was told that Ani took after her big sister, Harper. But Harper was not a fan of getting her photo taken. Harper was all fun and games until I put the camera up to my face, then she became Miss Cranky Pants. :) Ani actually was quite a bit better. She was awake for the majority of our time together, but she let me snap a few quick shots of her sleeping. Most of the time, she only let me capture photos of her big baby blues, which I'm certainly not complaining about. Her eyes were dazzling. 


Baby Ani Evelyn-1 Baby Ani Evelyn-2 Baby Ani Evelyn-3 Baby Ani Evelyn-4 Baby Ani Evelyn-5 Baby Ani Evelyn-6 Baby Ani Evelyn-7 Baby Ani Evelyn-8 Baby Ani Evelyn-9 Baby Ani Evelyn-10 Baby Ani Evelyn-11


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