Baltimore NICU Photography - Then & Now

I feel so unbelievably honored and happy to be a part of this new project with the NICU at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. What was a cold and very rainy weekend, turned in to a warm and sunny evening just as I arrived. Our trial photo shoot turned out to be a great success! Thanks to the incredible NICU staff and the March of Dimes, these precious NICU miracles now have happy and healthy lives. These will be the first photos to be hung in the new NICU, showing then and now photos of some of the many miracle babies of the Franklin Square NICU. These photos should help brighten the days of future NICU families and give them faith in better days to come. :)




Heather Siverd Photography
Hi Angela! Thanks for sharing your interest in this project! Please reach out to Erin Fierro at (443) 777-7837. She is the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program Coordinator at Franklin Square. :)
Heather Siverd Photography
Thank you, Sara!! I'm so happy you like the photos! You and all of the NICU staff are so amazing. I'm glad you all can enjoy these. :)
My twins Amerie n Arielle were there I want a before n after pic too
Sara McJilton(non-registered)
Heather you are amazing! These are so wonderful! The NICU nurses love seeing the babies grow up! Best part of our job!!!!

Beautiful babies are all growing up so fast!!
Ann laughton(non-registered)
So very thankful for my two beautiful and healthy granddaughters. Thank you NICU staff!
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