Cromwell Valley Park Family Photos - de Wit Family

I LOVED this photo session! Seriously, how gorgeous is this family?! I was so excited when I saw them get out of their car in these outfits. Look at those colors! Poor Mike had to be sweating, because it ended up being over 80 degrees that day. Stephanie told me she made everyone dress for autumn, even though it was so hot. I love it! I think one of my favorite moments was when Mike was trying to kiss Stephanie's belly. He thought it was so silly and just could not do it with a straight face. It didn't help with the girls laughing in the background either. Haha, so adorable! :) And I have to say, Stephanie looked absolutely radiant with that baby bump. She was part of the incredible NICU staff who helped care for our little Rosie and Aedan. I'm so happy I got to take their family photos, and I can't wait to take photos of their sweet baby when she arrives! 


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