Heather Siverd Photography | Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Ryker Joseph

Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Ryker Joseph

November 03, 2017  •  3 Comments

Look at this peanut! Mr. Ryker Joseph looks like a perfect little gentleman, doesn't he? He is just too cute, and look at that smile. I have to mention his wild hair as well. It wanted to stick up in all different directions, and it took some time for us to smooth it out. Towards the end, Ryker was wide awake and became quite the roly-poly in his crib. We'd put him on one side for photos, then he'd just roll right over to the other side. I think it was his way of trying to kick me out. :) Ryker is a lucky boy to have his older, four-legged siblings watch over him. A brother and a sister, who followed us around to make sure their little brother was okay. We had a good laugh in the nursery, when Ryker's big brother wanted to be up in the chair also, to keep a close eye on him. 



Adele Juzi (Grammy)(non-registered)
I'll cherish all these fabulous photos of Ryker, my great grandson, and his loving family!ajjuzi
Heather Siverd Photography
Thanks, Christine! Congratulations to your whole family! :)
Christine Seese(Mom Mom)(non-registered)
Loved every photo. They really showed the joy that Ryker has brought by being the newest addition. Love to Steve, Karri and my grandson Ryker. Can't forget Marly and Jacoby. Love to them too.
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