Heather Siverd Photography | Baltimore Newborn Photography - Twins Matilda & Cole

Baltimore Newborn Photography - Twins Matilda & Cole

October 25, 2017  •  2 Comments

Oh my goodness, how adorable are these two?! I had been super excited about this session since the moment it was booked. These are the first twins I’ve photographed since my own, and I couldn’t get some of these super-cute sleepy poses with mine because they were too old when we brought them home from the hospital. Little Matilda Jean and Cole Oliver enjoyed snuggling with each other so much. I felt bad taking them away from each other after the poses. They were like two puzzle pieces never meant to be separated. Is that cheesy?? Haha, I don’t care, it’s true! :) But they both have two very different personalities. Mr. Cole was just snoozing away peacefully, while Matilda was a little bit fussy and busy practicing some dramatic expressions. The one of her smiling has got to be the biggest newborn smile I have ever captured. It's almost as if she was laughing, because she did it a few times in a row. Miss Matilda was a little chow hound too. We had to take an extra long feeding break because she wanted to eat twice as much as her brother. And I could not get over the charm of this old home. The stained glass and wood floors, among other things, are original to the home. The What to Do When You're having two book was also a favorite of mine while I was pregnant. It's a great read for future twin Moms! 



Heather Siverd Photography
Thanks so much, Jennifer! :)
Jennifer Gallimore(non-registered)
I just LOVE the photo shoot of The Scouten’s little peanuts!! Tillie’s smile was caught at the perfect time. Cole is so chill. Great work with cutest subjects!!
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