Heather Siverd Photography | Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Ayla Victoria

Baltimore Newborn Photography - Baby Ayla Victoria

May 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Oh my gosh you guys, I wanted to take this little princess home with me so bad! But these two are so absolutely smitten with their little blessing, that I would not have gotten very far. Not at all. Miss Ayla Victoria was wide awake when I arrived, but once I got her to sleep, she was out for the whole session. Except for a brief moment when we placed her in the milk bath. She woke right up and we thought it wasn't going to work, but she just fell back to sleep. And she made the sweetest little sleep sounds! I probably can’t describe them well, but they were like little humming sounds when she exhaled. So, so cute! My little boy used to make the same sounds when he was a baby. I also have to mention the totally adorable, and 100% genuine, Father-Daughter photo at the end. We were finished with our session and I had turned my camera off to pack it away, then this happened. Of course, I turned my camera back on and snapped this photo. I cannot wait to snuggle this little nugget again, and I am extremely happy for my dear friends. :) 



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