Heather Siverd Photography | Carroll County Newborn Photography - Baby Olivia Kate

Carroll County Newborn Photography - Baby Olivia Kate

May 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Little Miss Olivia Kate is such a sweetie pie! The floral headband and roses made her look like a little garden fairy goddess. They went well with the floral theme of the nursery, which is totally gorgeous. I really loved the light lilac color and the flower details. I see a lot of pink nurseries for my newborn girls, but I don’t see a lot of purple. Purple has always been a favorite color of mine. Most of you know, I am a fan of the more genuine, candid photos, rather than the posed ones. I like being able to tell a story with my photos. I also like to showcase the dads at my photo sessions, because they don’t always get the credit they deserve. Miss Olivia needed a lot of feeding breaks during our session, and I loved how comforting Dad was by rocking her in his arms, while she was waiting to be fed. :) And I think Olivia’s older brother likes having a baby sister. It might make him miss his crib a tad, but I think he enjoys his big boy bed much more. I had to include one of my favorite outtakes for the final family photos, because . . . well, that's life. You can’t ask a two-year-old to take a family photo and expect it to go as planned. But after a few tries and playing the cards right, you can end up with an adorable family photo. 



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