Baltimore NICU Photography - Then & Now 2018

The new Believe wall in the NICU at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center has turned out to be so beautiful and incredibly inspiring. I started this project with the NICU just about two years ago, showing NICU graduates now, holding a photo from when they were in the NICU. We took the first round of photos, thought out how we wanted to display them, researched and shopped for the display pieces, sketched out the placement for each photo, and worked with maintenance to get the hardware installed and frames hung. The whole process took about a year, and the unveiling was last fall. To see everything come together and the final wall is really amazing! I hear that current NICU parents step out of their rooms every now and then to gaze at the wall and feel some comfort. It definitely melts my heart, and I love that I could help make this happen with such a remarkable team. :)

Having a baby, or babies, in the NICU is a traumatic experience. I know this first hand, and how important it is for these parents to have faith and believe that things will get better. The NICU journey is extremely difficult, and it usually continues after being discharged from the hospital. Most NICU babies still require a lot of special care and attention at home. So thanks to our incredible NICU and March of Dimes team for working on this project to make the NICU a little happier. On a bad day, parents need to be able to take a breath, look at these photos, and believe that their baby is also a NICU miracle, and the dark cloud will pass soon enough.

Here is the second round of photos for the wall. They will be printed to replace the current set of photos, and be displayed throughout 2019. The photos that come down will be given to the NICU graduate families to keep. Then each year, the photos will be refreshed with other NICU graduates. Families will enter their names at the NICU reunions, for a drawing to pick the next graduates to be honored on the Believe wall.



Heather Siverd Photography
Hi, Elaine! Yes, they are very awesome and friendly people! I’m actually not sure what year the NICU started their reunions, but I’ll get some more information and email you. :)
My son was there n 1990 it was an awesome place very friendly people. Do u still do reunion for the older kids.
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