Cromwell Valley Park Photography - Kate & Roy's Family

So . . . the weather report for the day of this session was showing partly cloudy with 0% precipitation all day, when I checked the night before. It was pretty accurate and looking like a pretty nice day for our session, until about two hours before. Then some dark clouds started rolling in and the sun went bye-bye. I checked the weather again for the Cromwell Valley Park area, and it still said partly cloudy and 0% chance of rain. So I thought the clouds must just be passing by. That’s what I hoped, anyway. I took my rain gear with me just in case, and I’m glad I did. It started storming when I was about five minutes from the park. Although the thunder and lighting stopped when we arrived, the rain didn’t let up till the end of our session. Some folks in this crew are not local, and this was the only day we were all available and in town for the session. Everyone had an umbrella, so instead of letting Mother Nature ruin our parade, we danced in the rain! 




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