Baltimore Maternity Photography - Lisa & Ernie's Family

I am so tired of all the rain! But I am so, so happy it stopped for a bit so we could get these photos. It’s difficult finding the words to express my happiness for my friend and her family. They have suffered through the devastating loss of their youngest baby girl, when she was only about a month old. They are now planning to welcome two more little bundles of joy to their family. Lisa is pregnant with twin boys!! God works in mysterious ways, and we will never know why He caused this family so much pain and suffering. But they have survived the storm He sent them, and He has now blessed them with not one, but two little miracles. We celebrated by having the children paint a rainbow on Mommy's belly for their rainbow siblings. It's not perfect, but it looks like a work of art to me. And when I showed the final painting to someone, they told me that it looks like the Mother Mary. Wow! Can you see it? Isn't that just beautiful?

Having twins is no walk in the park, but they most certainly are twice the blessing, especially for families like this one. This family has been exceptionally strong and I believe they can take on this next chapter with gratefulness and ease. God wouldn’t send them on this journey if they couldn’t. ♥



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